Men's Senior Cricket

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Our seniors play in a Mens competition but ladies, and girls, are very welcome to play. Carrum Downs was the first club in Victoria to play a female cricketer back in 1975.
Children must be at least 12 years old to play in any senior match. We ensure that children are only selected to play in grades appropriate to their capabilities.
We also allow players from our All Abilities side to play senior cricket, which is known as Mainstream. Again, care is taken to select people in appropriate grades.


The Senior competition season is made up of 7 1-Day Matches (40 overs each innings) and 7 2-Day Matches (70 or 80 overs per day). Matches are played on Saturdays starting at 1pm. They usually go until around 6pm.
There is also a Senior T20 fixture. Times for these matches are flexible and determined by the clubs playing. Typically, these are played from 5pm on Tuesday evenings.


Senior Training is held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm onwards. They usually finish around 7pm, but feel free afterwards to hang around and enjoy a refreshment and a chat.


All Matches for lower grades (and 2-Day Matches for 1st and 2nd XIs) require Whites. Club Playing Shirts can be purchased from the clubrooms or preferably from the shop tab on this website. Club hats, caps and other apparel can also be purchased.
1-Day Matches (for 1st and 2nd XIs only) require Greens. Green shirts and trousers can be purchased from the clubrooms.
T20 Matches also require Greens to be worn.
Whites should be worn for training sessions.

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