Match Day Livestreaming

As part of your membership we include match streaming. Selected games throughout the week will be livestreamed through YouTube and can be watched back later at anytime. This makes our club and the game of cricket more accessible for the community and our members. Family members and friends can watch their loved ones play from anywhere in the world on any device connected to the internet, including smart TV's! As an added bonus our sponsors can be displayed throughout the match in the form of static graphics, adding value to their contribution to the club. You can view our current sponsors on the Sponsor page of this website, we encourage you to use them wherever possible as without their support our club would not be what it is today and this livestreaming service for example would not be possible.

Here is an example of one of our games being live streamed.

With up to 2 cameras live streaming simultaneously this requires the help of many volunteers to keep running and to be affective. We require people to set up the cameras and to live score using a laptop or iPad (or similar).

The following is designed to help our members and volunteers become familiar with the process and the equipment. If you have any issues or problems with Livestreaming then this is the place to come to. 

FrogBox Livestreaming Instructions

1) Charge the camera, encoder, and portable battery using the wall adaptors provided with your kit
The portable battery used on weekends only gives enough power to hold the charge where it is. This means all equipment needs to be fully charged before a day’s use.

2) Once the camera, encoder, and battery are charged, watch the match-day setup guide HERE or read along with the one on 

the FrogBox Website to practice a complete setup of your kit.

TIP: Set your devices to charge before the start of training, then practice a setup after training. The batteries can be half charged for the test since you will only need 15mins of video, not 6 hours like on game day.
To test if the kit is working you want to see two things:
a) A solid blue 4G light on the encoder. Upon turning it on you should see the 4G blue light flashing which means it is trying to connect to a network. When it turns solid blue, it means you have successfully connected to the network
b) Video on your green viewer
If you can get these two things, then on game day all you would need to do extra on game-day is unplug the HDMI from the viewer and plug it into the encoder to start sending a stream to the internet.
Before Your First Match
1) Make sure you have downloaded WhatsApp and have it set up and ready to go so we can invite you to the FrogBox support group.
2)Make sure you have someone lined up to Live Score, that they know how to live score.
2)Ensure the match has been Designated for streaming by nominating it on the FrogBox match centre. This is best done by a member of the committee.
3)Make sure you have received an invite to the WhatsApp group for your designated camera. This is how you will communicate with FrogBox head office so they can test and run the livestream.
4) Let your scorers know of the differences when scoring a FrogBox match on the MyCricket Live Score app. See this Link detailing the changes the scorers will see when they score matches that are being filmed.
The scorers are the ones driving the graphics with their scoring. The more accurate they are the more accurate the graphics will be.
6) Decide on who will be the administrator of the "Match day support" WhatsApp group.
Send their Name and Number through to InteractSport and we will create the group for you. You can then add anyone from your club that might be setting up on game day.
On Game-Day
1) Set up your kit 45mins before the start of play. See this link for tips on positioning the camera

2) Share the link for the Livestream on the club Facebook page and with anyone else you deem necessary, this can be found on the 

CDCC YouTube channel. If you do not have moderator privileges to the CDCC Facebook page then ask a member of the committee to post 

it for you.

3) Once you have vision you are happy with on your green viewer, turn on the encoder and wait for the 4G light to turn solid blue. Unplug the HDMI from the viewer and plug it into the encoder.
On the small screen on the encoder, you will see a “TX number”. This number will fluctuate, but if it never drops below 800 the stream will look good.
4) 10mins Before start of play click on the “Players and Umpires walking out” button in the app
Video will now be going live to YouTube!
5) Contact us via the support chat on WhatsApp if you have any issues
This chat is monitored during game-day for you. We recommend you have several people from the club added to this chat, including someone who can let us know about issues while your normal set-up person is fielding.
NOTE: This chat is not monitored during the week, so if there are any questions during the week, please create a ticket on the support website and someone will get back to you.
Additional information and tips
* The YouTube stream on the Match Centre will automatically start 10 minutes before the scheduled match start time on MyCricket
* YouTube copyrights music so DO NOT play music in the background of the stream, as the stream will likely get taken down
* Ensure conversations are not getting picked up on the stream – make sure people keep their distance from the kit.
* Ensure you have enough data on your sim card to stream the days play
* Ensure the portable battery and camera are charged up before each day of streaming
* Ensure the encoder and camera are always plugged into the portable battery during the day’s play
* Note the portable battery will NOT give output charge if it is on charge itself
* Use the video viewer and tilt head remote to line up the camera with the middle of the pitch
* Ensure you unplug the video viewer from the portable battery and pack it away after you line up the pitch – you do not need to use it again for the day
*The Hardware is not waterproof. If there is likely to be a lot of rain throughout the day we do not recommend you set the camera up. If rain is going to be intermittent then someone needs to monitor that and be present so the camera can be covered or taken down quickly.