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All Abilities is open to any player with a disability.
“Disability” means a disability as defined by the Disability Act 2006 that a person requires ongoing support by the Department of Human Services or other disability provider or there is other medical evidence that supports that the person has a disability that would qualify them for ongoing support from the Department of Human Services.
The Melbourne All Abilities Cricket Association is borne out of a desire to provide the opportunity for people of all backgrounds with an intellectual disability to be involved in the wonderful game of cricket.
Rules are modified to allow as many as possible to participate, who otherwise may not have the opportunity to participate in a regular cricket season.
Players have the ability to progress. They could be part of the Victorian All Abilities Squad and ultimately play for Australia as part of the Harmony in Cricket Program


Semi-formal competition with ladders and trophies.
There are two grades established: Division 1 (Super League) and Division 2 (10 Over Tonk). Both grades have their own rules and playing conditions to suit the ability of the players.
Fixtures and ladders are posted on the MyCricket website, which all players can access. Matches are all played on Sundays so they don’t clash with clubs regular competitions and usually every 2nd Sunday or so.


Training is alongside, and often incorporated with, our senior players.
Official training is Thursdays from 5pm until around 6:30 or 7pm.
You are most welcome to join senior training on Tuesdays from 5pm, if you like.


All Matches require the Green Club Playing Uniform to be worn. Green club shirts and trousers can be purchased from the clubrooms. Caps and hats can also be purchased from the clubrooms.
For Training sessions, greens or a white shirt can be worn.


Players MUST supply their own groin protector (i.e. a box). The club cannot provide these.
A well-fitting cricket helmet which complies to the Australian Standard, can be purchased from any cricket shop. While helmets may be shared, it’s better if players have their own.

For more information please contact us email:

Note: Helmets MUST always be worn whilst batting, whether playing or training.
Batting gloves, pads and a bat may be borrowed, but players do prefer to purchase their own.